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On October 23rd, Malcolm Strachan tested Mach 3 Racing's new Radical SR3 Sports Racer at Mosport International Raceway. With only 1100 lbs to push, the heavily modified, 252 horsepower Suzuki Hayabusa engine propelled the nimble car quite well around the 3.957 km circuit. Unfortunately, after the first session, the car developed a misfire. Bad gasoline is suspected to be the root of the problem. Malcolm was still able to get an idea of how the car handled, and began to explore the limits of the car in the slower corners. He explained that he did not want to try anything heroic through the faster corners with the car in that state. He said, "when the engine misfires, the gets unsettled mid-corner, and then wants to snap out when it kicks back in."

Despite the problems, Malcolm was throroughly impressed with the machine. He raved about the agility of the lightweight sports racer, and its potential. Both Mach 3 Racing and Malcolm are keen to join forces in 2004, possibly entering the GT class of the ever-evolving CASC Touring-GT Series.

For more information on the Radical SR3, and other Radical sports racers, visit Mach 3 Racing.

For photos of the test, click here.



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