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Press Release - May 28, 2004 - AGT at Mosport on the Victoria Day Weekend

A phone call on the Thursday prior to the May 24 weekend was the pivotal point in the beginning of the 2004 season for Malcolm Strachan. Having lost two engines in the cars he was to race this year, Strachan's season was off to a dismal start.

Mosport's Victoria Day Sprints would be featuring the American GT Challenge for tube-frame, Trans-Am-style cars. The call came from Strudwick Motorsports with an invite to drive their aging Trans-Am Corvette, which first raced back in 1979. Strachan accepted the offer.

Practice saw the young Strachan going a second quicker every lap and by the end of qualifying he had wrestled the car to a 1:26.02 lap, placing him sixth on the grid of seriously quick and expensive modern Trans-Am machinery. Canadians Jim Holtom and Charles Webster led the mostly American series' regulars with laps in the low 1:20's.

The race, Sunday's feature event, started under heavy cloud with rain a definite possibility. Strachan and his crew kept their fingers crossed and hoped the rain would come. Strachan, driving 23 year-old technology shy of 200 horsepower, could turn the tables if the race turned wet.

Several cars pitted quickly for rains, but Holtom, Webster and Strachan stayed out on slicks and carried on to the checkered flag with the three Canadian drivers showing the Americans home. The aging vintage Corvette was once again on the podium, extending its streak, and Strachan finished in the top three, against all odds.



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