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Press Release - May 20th, 2004 - BEMC Spring Trophy

Two massive engine failures have clouded the start of our racing season, as clouded as a thick Halifax fog. Both the Konica-Minolta Corvette and the Mach 3 Racing Radical SR3, which were scheduled to race on May 15th and 16th at Mosport, self-destructed within a period of a week.

A new 1500cc Radical/Hayabusa engine is being shipped from the UK, and Agostino Racing are building a replacement for the Corvette. In the Corvette, a rod-bolt failed, and provided one of the most spectacular engine failures in recent memory, filling the front straight of Mosport with dense smoke.

Malcolm said afterwards, "coming out of the last corner at Mosport, I was about to start a hot qualifying lap. I was at about 5000 rpm in third gear, when I lost power. Before I could look down to see the guages, the cockpit filled with smoke, and I couldn't see a thing. Not a great feeling to have no sight when you're going about 150 km/h!"

The Konica-Minolta Corvette should be ready to race for the next race at Shannonville on the June 6th weekend. In addition to the new engine, the car will also have a lighter flywheel. This should improve acceleration down the long back-straight, as well as shorten braking distances.



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