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Strachan driving for Mach 3 Racing this summer

It was announced on FAN 590AM this past Sunday (Mar. 6) that Malcolm Strachan will drive for Mach 3 Racing in both Ontario and Quebec. Having tested the team's Radical SR3 Supersport last October (a sports racing car imported from England), Strachan was hired after Mach 3 Racing observed him in the Corvette in 2003, as well as his calm demeanour and good feedback when the bad fuel casued the SR3 to misfire.

The Queen's Engineering student will also drive the Konica-Minolta Corvette in the Puresports V8 Championship, as well as select Quebec GT series events. With two championships in the past three seasons and two very competitive racecars at his disposal this season, the 20 year-old Strachan could well add an additional two championships to his credit in '04.



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