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Malcolm Strachan stays consistent for 13th place in the streets of Trois-Rivières!

For Malcolm Strachan's first professional race, the only known factor was that it would be an uphill battle. Malcolm Strachan and Sasha Anis were to share the SG-Motorsport.com Nissan 350Z in the second ever professional race for the start-up team. First practice went smoothly with no issues, but after making some changes a problem with the brakes arose. Sasha slowly drove back to the pits and the team diagnosed the problem as the session came to an end.

In qualifying, Sasha pushed the underpowered car as hard as he could but qualified last behind all the more experienced big-budget teams. In a last effort for a quick qualifying time, Sasha slid wide on the sixth corner and hit the wall causing minor damage.

On Sunday morning, things were looking up for SG-Motorsport. Sasha started the 200 mile Koni Challenge race, but started to fall back due to handling issues likely stemming from Saturday's incident. Sasha drove a smart, consistent stint and was in 17th position by half-way after some early-race attrition. Sasha dove into the pits and the SG-Motorsport pitcrew refuelled the car as Malcolm and Sasha did a quick driver change.

In the first corner, Malcolm realized the shock-absorbers were not working properly causing the front of the car to bounce over each bump. With only 15 minutes of practice over the weekend, he adjusted his driving style during the race to make the car work for him. Malcolm managed to continue driving consistently while problems struck other cars and drivers made mistakes, allowing him to move up the order.

After a short caution with ten laps to go, the first corner was chaotic with a Porsche 911 sliding into the wall and a BMW M3 and another Porsche spinning in front of the Nissan. Malcolm steered clear of the incidents and kept the 350Z off the walls for the last ten laps to bring the car home in 13th position. It was a long and frustrating race at times for the team, but the top 15 finish was a great reward at the end of the day.



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