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The beautiful Mont Tremblant circuit was the scene of the first two rounds of the Quebec GT Championship this past weekend. With a field of 30-plus cars, including Ferraris, Porsches and BMWs, it proved to be a banner event.

Qualifying under hot and sunny conditions, with the lush green Laurentian mountains as a backdrop, the twin-turbo Porsche 935 of Jacques Villeneuve proved superior over the Ferrari 430 Challenge of Lawrence Stroll, who owns Le Circuit Mont Tremblant. Third was Malcolm Strachan's Mobil-1 Corvette C5, who with last season's engine developed a valve problem. This dropped the power by about 80 HP. Strachan's Corvette sounded sick and was slow on the straights, but was otherwise quite fast. Saturday's race saw Villeneuve's Porsche rocket off to an uncontested win, followed by Stroll's Ferrari, and Strachan's Corvette in third.

Sunday qualifying again saw Villeneuve on pole, Stroll second, the Acura NSX of Doumilin in third and Strachan in fourth. The final race of the weekend saw Strachan make a move around the outside of the Doumilin's NSX into third on the first corner. He then chased down Stroll in the Ferrari, and started battling for second. Twice Strachan managed to pass Stroll, but the Ferrari power was enough to carry Stroll past Strachan's ailing Corvette on the straights each time. With only a few laps to go, Strachan had to settle for third since his engine began to overheat. On the final lap, Villeneuve had a throttle cable snap, and the gap between Strachan and Doumilin was too large to be made up, so Strachan cruised to the finish in second.

Since Stroll and Villeneuve will not contest the entire series, Strachan leads the championship exiting the first weekend of the series. The next Quebec series race is at Sanair Int. Raceway.



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