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The 2005 Quebec GTO Championship started at Sanair Speedway, May 8th, 2005. Expectations were high regarding a year long battle between Malcolm Strachan in the Konica/Mobil-1 Corvette and Fernand LeBlanc in his Porsche 911. Malcolm managed to take pole position in qualifying by a narrow margin, but LeBlanc could not start the race due to engine problems. Malcolm settled into a relaxed pace, and drove to a smart win, despite rain falling on parts of the circuit.

The next event was a long trek up to St-Felicien, near Lac St-Jean. The weekend was to be a double-header, with two 40-lap races comprising the Grand-Prix Hankook Toyota de St-Felicien. Malcolm quickly learned the circuit, and took pole position by nearly a second. Early into the first race, he stretched his lead as other cars began to have problems on the hot summer day. The reliable Konica/Mobil-1 Corvette stayed together and took another easy win. The weekend was off to a good start. The second of two races was a slightly different story. LeBlanc solved the problems with his Porsche, and managed to steal pole position from Malcolm by mere tenths of a second. Malcolm still took the lead from the outside position, going into the first corner. From there, an intense battle ensued, with Malcolm defending his position from LeBlanc. Many times over the 40 lap race, LeBlanc would come up alongside Malcolm down the long straight, but each time Malcolm out-braked him and kept the lead. Malcolm managed to stand up to the pressure, and held on to complete a three-race win streak.

The Grand-Prix de Trois Rivieres was the site for the fourth round of the Quebec GTO Championship. Malcolm suffered water-cooling problems during practice and qualifying, and only managed six flying laps in the circuit in both sessions combined. Despite those being the only six laps Malcolm has ever turned on the circuit, he pulled off the third fastest time in qualifying, with only a supercharged BMW Z3 and a 700 horsepower Porsche 935 in front. At the start of the race, the fourth place, 800 horsepower Porsche 935 rocketed into the lead, but slid wide. Malcolm took advantage of the situation, and managed to slot into second place. As other cars had problems, the Konica/Mobil-1 Corvette stayed problem-free, and Malcolm kept a steady pace to ensure that the brakes did not overheat on the grueling circuit. He brought the car home safely in second place, with LeBlanc in third, thus increasing his points lead even more.

The fifth round of the championship was back at Sanair Speedway. Again, Malcolm took pole position over Fernand LeBlanc. Into the first corner of the race, LeBlanc was hit from behind, ending his race. Malcolm went on to win the race, with a healthy lead over second place. With LeBlanc not finishing that race, this win meant that Malcolm clinched the championship with one race weekend remaining.

The final race of the year was to be the Fall Classic at le Circuit Mont-Tremblant. In qualifying, Malcolm was on the ragged edge, but could only pull off the second fastest time behind a 700 horsepower Porsche 935. His 520 horsepower Corvette was fast through the corners, but could not keep up with the brute power of the Porsche on the straights. Rain started to fall just before the race, and another intense battle ensued. Malcolm would catch up and pressure the Porsche in the corners, but then would fall back on the straights as the 700 horses pulled the Porsche off into the distance. This accordion-like battle continued for many laps, until the Konica/Mobil-1 Corvette and the Porsche came up on slower traffic. Malcolm tucked in behind the Porsche as they passed a slower car, but the driver did not see Malcolm in the spray, and upon trying to tuck in behind the leader came into contact with Malcolm and put him out of the race with damage that could not be repaired in pit-lane. It was an unfortunate, premature end to what was overall a very successful season. With LeBlanc not competing that weekend, Malcolm did not lose any points to his main rival.

All tolled, Malcolm took the 2005 Quebec GTO Championship with 175 points to LeBlancís 95 points, and notched up three pole positions and four wins out of the six races in his Konica/Mobil-1 Corvette C5. In the last five seasons, Malcolm has had two runner-up finishes in Canadian and Ontario championships, and won three further titles including the 2005 Quebec GTO Championship.



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