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St-Felicien a success!

St-Felicien was a great weekend for Malcolm, in the Konica-Minolta Corvette. After securing pole position for the first race, Malcolm made a quick start, and rocketed off into the lead. He held the lead from start to finish, even lapping the second-place car.

On Sunday, instead of changing to fresh tires, the decision was made to stay on the same tires as the first race, and save the fresh tires for the next race. This move proved unwise, as a lightweight Porsche sorted out its problems, and was relentless. Malcolm took defensive lines, and was careful not to let the car slip away on him, despite the all but used up tires giving next to no grip.

In the final stages of the race, Malcolm could not put the power to the ground coming out of the corner before the longest straight, and the Porsche would come up alongside. Each lap, they would repeat this drag race, with Malcolm late-braking for the fast final corner before the start-finish line each lap. Without cracking under pressure, the Porsche was held at bay the entire time, and Malcolm held on for the win.

The next race will be the Grand Prix de Trois Rivieres, the fourth race in the Quebec GTO-GTU Series.



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