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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Malcolm Strachan's Konica Corvette barely makes it through the 2004 season

The final race of the Ontario Championship Season at Mosport International Raceway once again saw a huge field of GT cars with 54 competitors registered.

Qualifying took place under near monsoon conditions on Saturday morning. Malcolm Strachan literally left his competitors in his wake, taking pole position by a margin of nine seconds.

The first GT race took place Saturday afternoon with everyone starting on rain tires except for Strachan who decided on slicks as the skies lightened and blue could be seen. With 54 race cars and a stiff wind, Strachan felt the track would dry quickly.

Lap one saw the Konica Corvette fall back to 7th while things got even worse on lap two. Strachan's rear brakes locked up on the slippery track and put the Corvette nose first into the tire barrier at corner nine.

Strachan, with his car in tatters regained the track, and two laps later, the damaged hood flew off on the Andretti Straight. Soldiering on, the battered Corvette picked off one car after another on the rapidly drying track, taking the checkered flag and first place points.

With the Saturday win in hand, the repairs started and weren't finished until Sunday morning.

Looking like a demolition derby survivor, the Corvette started Sunday's race still with the underpowered "loaner" motor and the tired transmission.

Tor Kruger quickly took the lead, with Strachan and Jay Fieger battling hammer and tong for the entire race. Fieger would lead up the back straight, Strachan would pass on the corners. Numerous position changes later and after side-to-side contact at 100 mph plus, Strachan held on to finish second.

The ugly Corvette, now with rubber marks gracing the entire side, finished the season with nine wins and seven second lace finishes.

After missing the first three weekends of the season, Strachan clambered back to second in the Ontario Championship racing season.



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